Thursday, September 26, 2013

Term 4 Goal

how i will
archive my
use clues from the text
my writing
is to use WOW words
put five
WOW words
my goal is to
to learn my 4 times tables
learn maths at home
to learn 2 words from
the dictionary
learn 2 words at home
i need to  set my own goals
 i need to think about my learning and what I need to achieve

Term 3 Highlights

This is my term three highlights video.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Lost underground
One day Zoe the rock star went to  Holly wood to perform her show. The gate opened slowly. She stepped into a hole. She fell down and she got scared. When she reached the bottom of the hole it was pitch black so she got a lantern out of her suitcase so she could see. Then her lantern turned off she could see a bright light coming from the roof. She tried to climb but it was all slimy so she was trapped forever! She kept trying to get out but she couldn't get out. She saw evil eyes heading towards her. She screamed! She heard an evil laugh so she put a jet pack on and tried to get out and she did but she fell back in the hole. She put another jet pack on and got out and ran back home.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Our class was learning about infrring.
Can you infer what I am?

 You can get dry with me,  you hang me on a hook? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

100 WC

...Suddenly I heard a crack...

Once there was a girl named Alexia who was the smartest girl in high school.  When she went home she heard a crack! So she looked around when she went upstairs and she heard it again she was scared so she went to her room and locked the door. Then she heard it again, so she thought of a plan to put a spell on whatever it was so she made a spell and crept past her mum then went outside to take a look and went back inside to have a rest.  So when she got up she screamed where did all my stuff go! So she went outside and saw a burglar! With a full sack running away! She told her mum and dad then they all got on their motorbikes and caught the burglar then they called the police, the police came straight away and took him away then they took the sack and emptied it.