Thursday, April 11, 2013

My made up story

One day I went throw a forest and walked over a bridge and into a house. The house was dark and creepy. But then I saw stairs! So I walked up the stairs and it creaked! finally I got past the creepy bridge and I saw a big wall but I tried to get passed but it wouldn't let my so I tried again thud! Ow that hurt so I ran out of the house but the bridge was broken so i went further  in the forest  and their was a lion! I screamed and ran away and hid in a bush it couldn't find me so I went back to were I was. but their where sticks falling down so I ran under them really fast and I got passed them it was hard. I nearly fall down the broken bridge but a flying sheep took me across the broken bridge it was fun. a little bit later the flying sheep put me down and went away so I went further then I saw a castle so I went to see it.

This is my draft piece of writing.
Please leave a comment about what I did really well and what I need to do next time.

Hot air balloons

A hot air balloon came to our school. I made this on the iPad this morning.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pohutukawa facts

We read a book about pohutukawa trees. I wrote down some facts about it.

1.The top of the of the leaves have a waxy coating.

2. The bark is rough to protect the tree.


I used my doubles to solve these problems. Please leave a comment.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It was a fun time on Easter. I had 25 Easter eggs. I ate most of them  they were yum.  My Nana and grandad came and gave me some Easter eggs. They were  yum. how many Easter eggs did you get? Please leave a comment. Here is a problem there are 100 Easter eggs and then there were 60 more. How many?